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This is our passion. We design and help you bring class leading products to the market. Two decades of experience in the field give us the ability to provide designs that exist at the intersection of brand, consumer insights and performance intent, and deliver consistent results.

We use the latest digital technologies, from AI to generative and parametric design tools to but are not bound by them and just as comfortable with a pen, a sheet of white paper and a few big ideas.

Our founder worked with athletes like Kobe Bryant, Eliud Kipchoge and many more, but also in lifestyle brands as different as the Jordan Brand, Fila and Allbirds. This provides experience in multiple performance categories as well as lifestyle and even highly sustainable footwear products, creating industry defining products that moved consumers and athletes world-wide while selling millions of pairs.

Our network accumulated over years of practice supports you in developing and bringing products to the market as well if necessary.


Let us help you disrupt the market !

We have decades of experience in creating industry and category defining footwear technologies and the products that first bring them to the market.

Before creating Study-OH, Olivier Henrichot was the lead designer on the innovation teams that brought product like the Nike Vaporfly elite and the Alphafly next% to the running world, redefining the landscape of marathon racing footwear.  He also worked with athletes like Kobe Bryant, and many other, creating advanced performance shoes rooted in technical innovations like the signature Kobe 7 and 8 shoes and the Hyperdunk 2012 worn by LeBron James during the 2012 Olympics. 

From advance cushioning systems, fit and comfort enhancing methods of constructions or assembly, 3d printed footwear, all the way to sustainable solutions and new takes on materials, cosmetics and visual icons, we can help you make a big impact in the market with an innovative take on your subject.

Our network allows us to engineer, prototype, test, troubleshoot and develop new technologies and transition them smoothly to production.

With 50 footwear patents in our portfolios and many more on the horizon we can help you bring to the market solutions that create new visual icons, enhance performance, increase sustainability and challenge the status quo.

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Creating a new brand or trying to reinvigorate an existing one?

Your design or innovation team isn't as creative as it should ?

We can assist you through the process.

Our experience working with clients ranging from single innovators, to startups all the way to global sportswear giants helps us guide you along the way. 

Our large network accumulated over two decades in the business spans in every discipline in the footwear industry.

Whether you are starting a brand or need help give a new direction to existing one we can provide advice  and direction on your new subject, or perspective and a different take on your existing one.

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